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What Kids Things to Do When Bored? Tips for Parents

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Kids Things to Do When Bored

The corona virus pandemic or Covid-19 worried everyone, including your kids. The social restrictions that are applied, may also make your kids’ activities has bored, because they have to play and study at home. What kids things to do when bored? Which parents are required to think creatively in creating ideas for activities during at home.

Kids Things to Do When Bored

What Kids Things to Do When Bored?

How about fun tips to play with your kids during at home without getting bored? Some time ago, Parent story conducted an online workshop education practitioner. Check out the expert’s advice on fun activities you can do to get rid of boredom with your kids during at home period.

Tricks to Invite to Play Children who are Easily Bored

For some mothers who are doing work from home, asking to play with their kids will definitely be very draining and mindful. Besides having to meet deadlines, mothers also still have to be creative in creating games that keep the kids things to do when bored while at home. Most mothers invite them to play with the same games and make them feel bored with existing games.

There are many simple things around us that can be applied, to keep the children happy; we can invite children to play water, like pouring water from one container to another. Then we enter the balls, and invite him to count the number of balls there. To increase the challenge of the game, ask him to classify the ball colors. Furthermore, you can also play with your kids blowing soap bubbles. It will also train his motor skills. As another idea they also provide the following activities.

  1. Game to Recognize Letters and Languages
  2. Categorize the toys according to the first letter.
  3. Write letters following the points that have been determined.
  4. Color the letters. You can find some game templates through the Parent story Creativity Sheet.
  5. Sticking letters to objects in the house. For example, pasting the letter “T” on the refrigerator, pasting the letter “S” on the sofa, and so on.
  6. Learn to recognize lowercase letters (you can match them). Lowercase letters are written on a paper, and then cut into pieces. Then, use an old bottle cap, write small letters on the bottle cap, and ask the child to match it with the letters on the paper.

Recognizing Forms and Counting Games

  1. Count the number of toys according to categories, for example counting cars, dolls, blocks, etc.
  2. Recognize numbers and count. Make and cut large numbers and ask the children to place clothespins on the numbers according to the number. For example, pinching 3 pins in number 3.
  3. Learn to build space by looking for items in the house that match their shape. For example, rectangles: tissue box, cell phone, television remote. Triangle: slice of cake, ruler, etc.
  4. Play puzzle.
  5. Make numbers using play dough.
  6. Attaching the fruit to the tree, by making a picture of a tree, then asking the children to stick the fruit on the tree.

Game to Know Science

  1. Learn the principles of floating and sinking items using objects at home. Prepare a basin filled with water and several items of different mass.
  2. Egg floats experiment, by using salt water to make the eggs float.
  3. Play primary and secondary colors. You do this by mixing blue and yellow dyes to create green, and so on.
  4. Planting chilies, tomatoes and bean sprouts. Prepare (tissue or hydroponic media, bottle or pot, and soil.

Make a daily routine schedule for children

Next tips on what kids things to do when bored is make a schedule for the child’s daily routine, so that they doesn’t feel bored during the home period. It is very important to make a schedule, starting from waking up. Then, create a daily schedule that children can do, for example eating, bathing, playing, after that snack time, then maybe it can be continued with e-Learning activities, then lunch. Well, actually if you put it in one schedule, it shouldn’t be boring. Because, it’s a kind of daily life that can keep children busy.

What Kids Things to Do When Bored

Keep Doing Social Activities

Your kids who are already in school will naturally feel bored with learning activities that suddenly have to be done online at home. To anticipate this, you also have to start thinking about a number of alternatives so that their social activities can still be fulfilled. As an option, you can invite your kids to simply make video calls with their friends at school to treat their homesickness. In addition, your kids can continue to play in outside, for example sunbathing on the terrace, walking around, and of course, they must maintain a safe distance and avoid crowds of people. Also teach about the importance of wearing a mask while outdoors, and washing your hands immediately when you get home.

Collaborating with Parents at Home

Cooperation between father and mother is also needed in kids things to do when bored. You can invite them to participate in household tasks. For example, asking your kids to help prepare food, inviting them to tidy up toys, set tables and chairs, wash dishes and spoons, or change sheets. Not only strengthening relationships, this activity will also train your kid’s discipline to be better.

Make cute crafts

Stimulating children’s creativity can help them develop mentally, socially and emotionally. Through art, your kid’s problem-solving skills will also be honed. You can certainly give your kids to fill the days at home with artistic and creative activities, whether it’s painting, drawing, or making handicrafts. There are many craft and art videos that your kids can imitate to practice their growth and development. You and your partner can also participate and provide a good model for them, you know. This activity is a fun way to get rid of boredom for your family.

What kids things to do when bored if you are constantly at home, especially in times of pandemic diseases like COVID-19. The activities ideas can be applied, so they don’t get bored, distracted their mind, and avoid them to constantly playing gadget. Good luck!

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