A hunter in North Carolina, USA, managed to save daily costs, especially in terms of food, after successfully killing a wild boar weighing 250 kilograms. Jett Webb, a seasoned hunter from Conetoe, USA, killed the large animal last month. He uses a caliber 308 hunting rifle, and has been chasing the animal for a month.

“It’s hard to believe. It’s shocking. I didn’t expect an animal of this size to roam the forests of North Carolina,” said Webb. About a month ago, Webb found traces of wild animals roaming the forest. Soon he learned that it was a giant that the White Oak Ranch Hunting Club had been hunting for years, and had always managed to escape.

After Webb managed to shoot the giant boar to death, the next problem was transporting him. “It takes a lot of effort to carry this animal. Its body fills the body of a pickup truck,” said Mike Mansell, president of the club Wahite Oak Ranch. For his prey this time, Webb decided to enjoy the meat.

Usually, Webb preserves the head of his game as a private collection. After the animal was slaughtered, Webb estimated that the meat could provide for his family’s needs for one year. Even though it is very large, it turns out that the wild boar that Webb has been hunting is not the biggest. In 2007, an 11 year old boy shot dead a wild hog in Alabama that weighed more than 500 kilograms

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