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Trump joins Stalin, Putin, Hitler on list of Peace Prize hopefuls

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“I have nominated you, with respect, on behalf of Japan. I asked them to give you the Nobel Peace Prize, ”Trump read to him the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, as reported by USA Today, 15 February.

Trump’s entry into the Nobel prize nomination is associated with his efforts to open dialogue with North Korea, which has been at odds with the White House. In 2018, Trump and Kim Jong-un, the leaders of North Korea, finally met in Singapore after the two of them often fought and threatened each other.

Since that historic meeting, Trump has claimed North Korea is no longer a threat related to its nuclear weapons. Trump and Kim will even meet again in Hanoi, Vietnam on February 27-28 2019.

The news about Shinzo Abe’s move to support Trump caused a stir in Japan both in the media and in parliament. The left-leaning daily Asahi Shimbun and the right-leaning Yomiuri Shimbun, citing an unidentified Japanese government source, both said Abe had indeed nominated Trump for the Nobel prize.

On Monday (18/2), Shinzo Abe was reluctant to comment on Trump’s statement regarding him submitting a name. When Abe spoke before Parliament, he preferred to praise Trump’s leadership which is considered capable of overcoming North Korea’s nuclear problem and holding a historic summit in Singapore. Reported by The New York Times, Abe is also grateful that Trump is also worried about the fate of Japanese citizens who were kidnapped by North Korea during the summit in Singapore.

“I appreciate President Trump’s leadership,” Abe said. However, when asked about the Nobel peace prize nomination, he chose to remain silent and cited the Nobel committee’s policy of not disclosing nominations until 50 years after the Nobel was awarded.

The Nobel Peace Prize is often controversial
Outside of Trump’s name, the matter of nominating someone for the Nobel Peace Prize is often a matter of controversy. Who would have thought that Adolf Hitler, the leader of Nazi Germany who killed millions of Jews, had also been proposed as a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1939, three months before the German invasion of Poland.

The candidate is Erik Gottfrid Christian Brand, a politician from Sweden. Quoted by Quartz, in his letter to the Nobel committee, Brand wrote Hitler as a warrior sent by God to bring peace. Mein Kampf is also called the best and most popular literary work in the world.

This Brand action drew harsh criticism from his country. He was accused of being a fascist supporter and was blacklisted from teaching at several clubs. Later, Brand confessed that the nomination letter was actually sarcasm to embarrass Hitler about his ideas and policies.

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