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Tips for Fun Things to Do with Kids Camping

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Fun Things to Do with Kids Camping Activity

Fun Things to Do with Kids Camping is a great experience, because nature provides unexpected experiences. Going to camping with family is a great way to get fun and excitement in nature. Children of all ages will find so many things to captivate them in camping activities such as seeing the starry sky, the sound of birds chirping, bonfires and more. Campers can open their eyes and sensitize their senses to their natural environment.

Fun Things to Do with Kids Camping Activity

13 Tips for Fun Things to Do with Kids Camping

The following are some tips for Fun Things to Do with Kids Camping that you need to pay attention to, so your kids feel more comfortable.

  1. Find the right campsite

Choose a campsite with facilities that suit your family’s needs. Some campsites have soccer fields, beaches, rivers and playgrounds. And usually some campsites offer picnic tables, toilets, and hot showers. If this is your first time for Fun Things to Do with Kids Camping, stay close to home and choose a campsite that has lots of amenities. Look for a campground that has a family concept with amenities or things to do like picking fruit or fishing.

  1. Bring foods that children like

One of the highlights of camping is grilling food around a campfire. Grilling food over a fire using a long roasting stick will look more enjoyable. Let the kids help with menu planning so they feel energized. Ask them what they want to eat, and also, don’t forget to bring their favorite food.

  1. Bring them favorite toy

Bring a favorite toy or two but keep the toys to a minimum. Allow plenty of room for the children to play at camp. Children often find much more interesting things to see and play with at camp. Children will find ways to create their own outdoor entertainment. Let it be something that will complement their outdoor play such as a kite, ball, flying disk, magnifying glass for viewing insects, or binoculars.

  1. Think the Secure

After arriving at the campsite, set ground rules for where the kids can roam and talk about what to do if they get lost. What are the limits? Are they allowed to play near the water? Are they allowed to hang around other people’s campsites or go to the bathroom by themselves? Give the kids a whistle and teach them to blow it if they get separated from you. At night, make sure they have access to flashlights or lamps. Be aware of certain things at the camp that can be dangerous such as streams and steep cliffs.

  1. Involve the children

Teach them the basics of setting up tents, building a campfire, or cooking food at camp. In addition, kids can help collect firewood, fill water bottles, take out sleeping bags or pump up sleeping pads.

Fun Things to Do with Kids Camping

  1. Find teaching moments

No matter what age they are, kids are never too early to learn about best practices to follow when they are outdoors. Remind them how they can enjoy the environment while taking small steps to protect it. Teach them how to respect wildlife, dispose of trash properly, and other things. If you are camping in an area that is completely natural, make sure you and your children follow the correct practice of going to baths or urinating and defecating in the forest.

  1. Prepare a small tent for the kids

Consider bringing two smaller tents or a larger tent with separate space for kids who really want privacy. Having a separate bedroom gives kids less freedom and control over their area.

  1. Create a comfortable sleeping environment

Younger kids may want pillows, blankets, or stuffed animals. Bring a pillow from home or the kid’s favorite blanket so the kids feel comfortable while sleeping. The more often you go camping, the more you will learn what you need and what you can do to make the kids feel comfortable for fun things to do with kids camping.

  1. Complement the children with warm clothing

Check the weather and your kids’ clothes for outdoor conditions while camping. If there is a chance of rain, bring a rain jacket. The temperature can drop at night even though it is hot and sunny during the day. Bring clothing for lining so kids can wear or remove clothes as needed to adapt to changing temperatures.

  1. Practice camping at home

If this is the first time your kids have goes camping, put up a tent in the backyard or in the house so the kids can get used to the atmosphere while camping. Let them play in it and sleep in it so that they feel comfortable in the new sleeping environment. Camping with family can be a fun recreational activity and of course it can also help children grow more independent.

  1. Limit or avoid the use of electronic items

To ensure that fun things to do with kids camping as “vacation” does not become an ordinary vacation, because children and parents are busy using gadgets when they are bored, limit your use of electronics. This also means unplugging from cell phones, tablets, video games and computers. Use all of the extra time to talking with your kids, playing family games or just enjoying the outdoors.

  1. Don’t forget to make a campfire so the camping becomes more complete

Some people argue that the most important fun things to do with kids camping are the campfire. This is a time when the whole family can relax after a long hard day, looking up at the stars and burning marshmallows. Fire can be dangerous for kids, so keep an eye on your kids who are approaching the fire. If you have older kids, you can involve them in making a fire by gathering wood. Every member of the family can stay safe and warm all night. This is especially important when camping with kids.

  1. Sing together around the campfire before midnight

If you’re looking for one other fun things to do with kids camping activity, don’t be afraid to use classic songs, like singing around a campfire. Have each kids choose one of their favorite songs, perhaps they hear on the radio or perhaps a song from camp at school, until the whole family sing every song. This is a great family bonding activity to do right before midnight hits.

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