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Kids Things to Do When They are 13 Years Old

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Kids Things to Do When They are 13 Years Old

What kids things to do when they are 13 years old? If you currently have kids who are in their teens, you must have problems in terms of assistance. Especially with the times, everything is changing. Moreover, with social media, the child must be more busy alone with his world. It is rare to tell stories with parents. In fact, there are many teenagers who keep their distance. Especially when it comes to privacy about daily activities that they consider important, they are not discussed with their parents.

Kids Things to Do When They are 13 Years Old

Towards early kids will experience conditions in which life feels free, a high sense of curiosity about new things, increased sexual function and unstable emotional drives. Some psychologists suggest that kids things to do begins when a kid between the ages 13 will experience a transitional period where parents are required to provide direction and guidance so that they are accustomed to being independent.

Here are some kids things to do when they are 13 years old

  1. Can manage finances

Moms can teach kids some basic understanding of how to manage their finances. So they realize the importance of saving for their daily needs. You can also teach them an understanding of the difference between a debit card and a credit card so that they have the desire to save at the bank.

  1. Do homework starting from light

According to psychologists, kids things to do many things from an early age, such as cleaning dishes after eating, collecting dirty clothes while washing. At the age of those who are starting to turn 13 years old, they can already be relied on like ironing clothes, washing dishes, changing sheets, helping to wash cars, cleaning bathrooms, and also helping Moms tidy up the kitchen.

  1. Prepare food

Cooking food is the most important thing that will become provisions for children when they grow up. There are lots of easy recipes they can practice like sandwiches, scrambled eggs, soup pasta, and salads. At this age they also have to get used to preparing meals for the family, following simple recipes, and being adept at doing everything in the kitchen. Moms, don’t forget to always teach about the importance of cleanliness, especially in the kitchen.

  1. Grocery shopping

Moms can also invite their beloved sons and daughters to go shopping, by helping them write a grocery list before going to the market or supermarket. Teach them how to read nutrition labels and how to bargain properly. Don’t forget to set boundaries like in a study from the University of Kansas which showed that as many as 50% of kids accompany their parents when they shop at the supermarket and ask them to buy something, and the result is only about 50% of parents who successfully refused.

  1. Personal hygiene

Sometimes parents assume that their kids will learn about cleanliness naturally at the age of 10 to 11 years, but they don’t. There are so many kids things to do that parents should know before it’s too late, namely the importance of bathing every day, using deodorants, changing clothes, shaving, maintaining oral hygiene, and understanding their own growth and development. Remember moms, we as parents should be good role models, and always explain to them the importance of doing things like that.

  1. First aid

In the UK, the Red Cross recommends that children enter first aid education through the school curriculum. Some studies show that children between the ages of four and 5 can already memorize the correct emergency telephone number. Some of the other skills for older children include the ability to be able to stop bleeding and treat burns to bee stings.

  1. Time management

Time management is especially important for teens, because you can plan, prioritize and work productively. Try to offer some tools to help efficiently such as phone alerts, or special calendars. Remember, you have to be able to give a decision. What to do and when to do it so it’s much easier when you write it. Give them a gift of a watch, and help them organize things so that they can be good examples.

  1. Social skills and courtesy

Moms, it is very important to teach children about manners as early as possible. For young children, start with your own example, such as being polite and learning to respect older people. It could be at home events can be great ways to teach your kids how to entertain guests.

Kids Things to Do

One of the most important things is not only in the real world. Even in modern society, ethics in cyberspace are equally important. Always familiarize yourself with following good ethics, then help your child in carrying out his daily life. For example, when they were teenagers, so that it could help them adjust to their friends.

  1. Can determine the direction

It’s possible when your children are teenagers they will learn to drive a vehicle, like a motorbike or car. It is important for them to understand how to use navigation tools and read maps. By 13 years old kids should be able to remember directions by reading symbols that they can adjust. There are many ways to find out just by searching the internet.

  1. Coping with emotions

The next kids things to do is coping their emptions. Not only teenagers, but also many adults who don’t have the ability to accept and control their respective emotions. Such as irritability, stress, and excessive anxiety. Coping with emotions is the ability to identify feelings, understand situations, manage emotions, and seek help when needed. Often feeling sad isn’t a sign that we are weak, but rather these emotions can help us cope with situations. So that they can help your kids cope with life.

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