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Kids Things to Do Near Me During Social Distancing

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Kids Things to Do Near Me

Childhood is the most enjoyable period for kids. At this time, what kids things to do near me? Which can play and learn actively, both at school and in the surrounding environment. The role of parents in kid’s development are very important, but parents often too busy and leaving their children at home to work. Even though parents work to meet children’s needs, don’t forget, kids also need their parents’ love. Too often leaving children to work can have a bad impact, as reported by Parenting, which states, children will feel anxious because they are not with their parents and have a bad bond of closeness.

Kids Things to Do Near Me

What Kids Things to Do Near Me During Social Distancing?

The government’s appeal to stay at home to stop the spread of the corona virus or COVID-19 is the right time for parents who have been busy working to get back close to their kids. The following are what kids things to do near me during social distancing, and what you can do for your kids, so your kids stay active and don’t get bored at home.

For toddlers and pre-school children

In this phase, the kids will be in day care more often, so that the kid doesn’t get bored. Try the activities below, so your kids can try new things that he has never done.

  1. Cooking

Kids often play cooking with their play equipment. For that, try to invite children to cook foods that can be enjoyed together, such as snacks or other foods. But beforehand, make sure that the tools used by your kids are materials that are not easily broken and not sharp, so as not to endanger their safety. Children can help such as washing vegetables or mashing soft foods.

  1. Play bubbles

Bubble games are fun for kids, so that kids can be active at home, try to make their own bubbles and play them with your kids. How to make bubbles? By mixing a half cup of corn syrup with 3 cups of water, after mixing, add 1 cup of dish soap. Bubble fluid can be used with a bubble stick or a straw.

  1. Painting

If you want your kids to be calm at home, inviting them to paint is the right way, because with painting kids can express what is on their mind. If your kids have never painted before, try teaching them to paint simple objects such as leaves, forks or their own hands.

  1. Playing dexterity

What kids things to do near me if the kid is very active and can’t stay calm, try making a game that keeps them moving by creating obstacles in the house. To stay safe, keep an eye on your kids while playing.

For kids aged 5 to 7 years

Entering this age, children begin to enter school age, which is why children will like things that are scheduled and structured. Below are activities that can be done for children aged 5 to 7 years.

What Kids Things to Do Near Me

  1. Play hunting

Using items at home can be used as clues for this game. Make the hunt simple, so that children are easy to play.

  1. Let the child imagine

This activity is also useful for developing children’s talents in playing art and creativity, encouraging children to make objects they want. You can provide items such as, tissue or shoe boxes, toilet paper, pieces of wood, ice cream sticks, and items that are available at home. Let the children be creative by making something with these items.

  1. Ask the kids to help your home work

Ask the children for help with light household chores such as sweeping, washing dishes or making their beds.

  1. The game is actively moving

In order for children to actively move, try to make games that trigger them to move actively, such as asking them to imitate a red light form, or playing with legs. With this game, children will also be healthy.

  1. Storytelling and making shows

In order to increase their creativity and linguistic abilities, you can read fairy tales to children directly. Not only that, don’t forget to invite children to express themselves by asking them to retell stories that you have read in the style of your little one. Invite your little one to make shows such as theater, dance, and sing at home so that they don’t feel bored.

For children aged 8 to 10 years

At this age, children will be more independent and want to play alone. But it must still be under parental supervision. The following activities are suitable for ages 8 to 10.

  1. Write letters

What kids things to do near me when not at school? Kids will rarely interact and communicate with their friends, so try to ask children to write letters. This will allow the child to communicate with their friends even when they are at home.

  1. Make comics

Try to ask children to make comics, this activity is useful for practicing their reading and writing skills. But before that, show them the comics they have read, so that the children will have a picture of the comics they are going to write.

  1. Get walk in nature

To get fresh air, try to invite the children to take a walk around the neighborhood. That way your kids will know about what is in the surrounding environment, such as knowing the trees, plants and animals that exist.

  1. Play Ninja

Choose a ninja course package for children so that they can still train their fitness and creativity. With the ninja course, children will practice to solve the obstacles in this course program. So it can repeat them until they can finish well.

  1. Get regular exercise

Stay at home is not to be exposed. It does not mean if you and your kids are lazing around and not exercising. Doing regular exercise can help increasing the endurance, so that it is not easily exposed to viruses and diseases. Encourage kids things to do near me with fun routine sports such as gymnastics, dancing, or even cycling in neighborhood. Parents can also occasionally invite children to jogging in the outside. So that your kids don’t feel bored and are exposed to vitamin D from sunlight. While the vitamin D is good for their health.

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