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Ideas for Fun Things to Do with Kids During Covid

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Fun Things to Do with Kids During Covid

The outbreak of the corona virus or COVID-19 has prompted the government to issue an appeal to the public to limit activities outside the home, whether working, trading or studying. Students are asked to study at home for 14 days to prevent the spread of the corona virus. This means that parents have to replace the role of teachers temporarily, regardless of whether parents still have to go to work or work from home. Parents are suddenly confused, what activities for fun things to do with kids during covid at home so that children don’t get bored?

Fun Things to Do with Kids During Covid Ideas

Unfortunately, some parents take the easiest way by inviting their kids to travel so they don’t get bored even if only to the nearest mall. In fact, this is not recommended considering that the goal of stopping kids’ activities at school is to reduce the rate of spread of the virus. Self-quarantine at home has proven effective in preventing transmission of the corona virus, especially in kids whose immune systems are still weak. If the kids has traveled and is infected with the virus, then is of no benefit. When they return to school, kids who are infected but are not yet showing symptoms can transmit the corona virus to their friends and teachers. Danger, right?

Seeing the need for fun things to do with kids during covid activities that can be done at home, especially parents with toddlers and preschoolers, a number of individuals and institutions engaged in education and creativity share ideas for children’s activities through social media, both in the form of printables (printable activity sheets) as well as page links (website links). Those are only a small part of the ideas for children’s activities that you can get in cyberspace because with a keyword “activities for kids” alone, there are billion search results! It won’t be enough to do everything, so you can stay optimistic that your children won’t get bored at home.

Activity Ideas for Fun Things to Do with Kids During Covid

Well, for mothers who are still confused about what activities are interesting for your little one, check out the ideas that I has summarized from various sources!

  1. Shaping Lego according to the letter pattern

Make a template or letter pattern from A to Z on paper, with thick letters the size of Lego. You have to ask your kids to fill in the letter by placing Lego in it.

  1. Cut hair

Draw a person on cardboard, cut out the shape. Wash the biscuit used sachets, scissors as wide as the head with a proportional length, then cut out the lines 1 millimeter apart. Stick it on the head of the doll to make it look like long hair. So, ask the kids to cut the doll’s “hair” according to their wishes.

  1. Jump over the pattern on the floor

Use duct tape that is not too strong and stick the tape on the floor in a straight, zigzag line. Ask the kids to walk over the pattern. Alternatively, stick to the sole of the foot as many as 10 pairs with a certain pattern and ask the kids to step in the direction and side of the foot correctly.

  1. Play board games

Kids with 5 years old, can be invite to play snakes and ladders, age 6 monopolies, age 7 play chess. Want more fun? Print board games with various themes on the internet and play with a family.

  1. Keep a daily journal

Provide a book to keep a daily journal. Fill it with fun things to do with kids during covid activity stories, decorate them with color markers, stickers, pictures, photos, and even their favorite candy wrappers. Children who are already able to write can fill out their own journals. Later, after the pandemic ends, these journals will become unforgettable memories.

  1. Create a project

Invite children to make a project according to their interests. This project takes place over a few days or a week. Choose projects according to children’s interests, for example making short films, comics, songs, stories on Wattpad, or as simple as observing the growth of the plants they plant.

Fun Things to Do with Kids During Covid
  1. Sports

Try, the kids does exercise every day so that the virus does not come over. Yoga, gymnastics, basketball can be done in a narrow room. If you have a yard, invite your kids to play badminton, cycling, or play chasing.

  1. Perform household tasks

Household tasks can be a kid’s activity too, you know. For toddlers, take them to the clothesline, set dishes, or water the plants. Elementary school age, involve cleaning the room or putting clothes in the wardrobe. Teens can help wash dishes and sweep.

  1. Science experiment

Mixing colors, dipping the cloth until the water creeps up; a glass that doesn’t spill when turned over is a simple science experiment that can be tried. Increase the level according to age.

  1. Weighing goods

Have a cake scale or digital scale? Weighing all kinds of objects in the house and taking notes can be a time-consuming but not boring activity for kids.

  1. Cleaning objects

Considering that the corona virus can stick to metal, plastic, glass objects for up to 9 days, invite kids to spray disinfectants or wipe with anti-bacterial wipes a number of objects that are most susceptible to viruses, such as cellphones, door handles, light buttons, or remote controls.

  1. Play “try to find”

Play this if you are out of style but the kids are still full of energy. Ask “try to find (eg cupboard)” and ask the kids to touch the object. You can also use that foreign / area that the kid is studying.

  1. Create a family tree

Encourage kids to get to know members of the extended family by making family tree.

  1. Decluttering

The moment of Covid-19 can be a good time for you and your kids. Encourage kids to sort clothes and toys and donate after the quarantine is complete. This activity idea for fun things to do with kids during covid can teach your little one to live simply. Whatever the activity, make sure at the end of the activity ask the kids feels after doing it. Does they like, have trouble, or even bored.

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