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Google releasing virtual reality headset this year, report says

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Design 90%
Display 100%
Camera(s) 86%
Speakers 70%
Performance 100%
Software 81%
Battery life 60%
Ecosystem 100%
I’m getting used to the core tenets of iOS 7. I still don’t like the slow animations or the often-needless representations of layers and transparency, but I’ve come to understand the OS for what it is. As we discovered with the iPad Air, though, iOS 7 isn’t finished or polished.
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One of the other interesting trends in the 2016 is virtual reality or commonly abbreviated VR. Virtual Reality is a technology that makes the user or user can interact with the environment in cyberspace that is simulated by the computer, so that users feel they are in the environment.

The main advantage of virtual reality is the experience that makes users feel the thrill of a real world in cyberspace. Even the development of virtual reality technology now allows not only the sense of sight and hearing that can feel the real sensation of cyberspace from virtual reality, but also the other senses.

Its true virtual reality technology has been widely implemented in several industrial sectors such as medicine, aviation, education, architects, military, entertainment, etc. Virtual reality is helpful in simulating something difficult to present directly in the real world. As is the case for the military field, instead of passing the soldiers directly to the battlefield as a practice, virtual reality can present a virtual simulation of the war. Soldiers can feel the thrill of being on the battlefield in real with virtual reality. Obviously this can be more practical and more economical.

Virtual reality utilization is also very helpful in the field of aviation. Using virtual reality, pilots can practice to fly a virtual plane. Pilots can feel the thrill of flying a plane without actually flying a real plane. And certainly will avoid the risk of accidents during exercise.

To bring up the real sensation of virtual reality required support devices. The devices used to support virtual reality technology are usually helmets, Walker, headset, suit and glove. These devices aim to involve as many human senses as possible. Surely with the many senses involved in vertual reality will be directly proportional to the level of real sensation of the virtual world that is raised.

It takes at least a headset (paired with a smartphone that supports VR) to feel the thrill of virtual reality.

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