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Fun Things to Do with Kids while Camping

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6 Fun Things to Do with Kids while Camping

Fun things to do with kids while camping should be a fun experience. However, taking children on camping can have its own challenges. Moreover, millennial generation children are more familiar with the digital world. In fact, when camping does not necessarily have an internet connection. Hence, we need to make fun activities with children while camping so that they forget about their gadgets for a while. What are the fun activities? Camping isn’t just for adults. Even children can, really, are invited to enjoy the thrill of camping.

6 Fun Things to Do with Kids while Camping

6 Activities of Fun Things to Do with Kids while Camping

However, there are indeed many things that must be prepared before deciding to camp with children. Moreover, usually in campsites there is no television, right. Then what should they do to fill their spare time? Don’t worry! There are lots, you know, of exciting activities that children can do at the camp. It doesn’t matter if the kids have to stay away from gadgets and televisions. In fact, it is good for their development. So, what are some fun things to do with kids while camping that can do? Here’s the list!

  1. Trekking

Don’t miss starting the morning activity by trekking through the mountains around the camp. Feel the fresh mountain air in the morning which city dwellers rarely get. Also take the children for trekking by considering the paths they can pass. Trekking can be an exciting and interesting experience for children. They can see something new. Especially if you live in a big city everyday. Seeing the green scenery and breathing fresh air can be fun. Trekking can also be tiring for children who are used to bored.

Hence, we have familiarized the kids to keep exercising regularly even if it’s only for a short time. So, when invited to trekking, their bodies are not surprised. First prepare comfortable footwear for the children so that they feel comfortable during the climb. During the trip, interact with the children by asking them to chat about what trees they found, what animals are in the mountains, and other stories. Usually there are also many campsites that are located close to waterfalls. Take the children to play in the waterfall and feel the flow of the mountain springs.

  1. Make a Campfire and Burn Marshmallows

At night, it was most fun things to do with kids while camping to make a bonfire near the camp. The cold air can be minimized with a campfire. Not only that, the intimacy with family members and other campers was even more pronounced. When preparing a campfire, get the kids involved. Give them tasks that they are capable of, such as moving logs that they can lift over to the campfire. When the fire is burning, play a variety of games. You can also invite the children to dance and sing together. The joy!

In fact, we rarely made our own campfires. As far as I remember, it was only two times at Garden. Campfires have been provided by the crew. Well, what often is roasting marshmallows. Children is very happy to eat the baked marshmallow. That’s why every time you camp, you usually bring marshmallows. It’s better if first find out the rules about making campfires, yes. As far as I know, not all mountains allow making bonfires. The way we avoid getting cold is by wearing ample warm clothes. Warm drinks can also help. After entering the tent, use a sleeping bag, and a family.

  1. Make a Barbeque Together

While enjoying the fun things to do with kids while camping with warmth of the campfire, children can also be invited to make a barbeque. Get to know them with the food ingredients that will be used, the spices and the tools to burn the food. Children can be involved in seasoning food ingredients, such as sausages or sweetcorn. Tell me what ingredients and in what quantity. After they have seasoned, involve the children in flipping through the barbeque as well. Of course, in doing so, you must always pay attention. By being invited to make a barbeque, the children will know about the process of how they can get delicious food. Children appreciate the food more, right.

Fun Things to Do with Kids while Camping

  1. Playing Water in the River

This is usually the most of fun things to do with kids while camping. They really like playing in the river. Can be at home for a long time playing water in the river, if necessary all day. Like when we stayed at Riverside. He played in the water from morning to evening. The kids has already been tubing several times. It goes up when you are hungry. I just simply enjoy the joy of children while playing in the river. Not strong as cold mountain water.

  1. Photo Hunting

Who likes taking pictures, here. As a child, they liked to sketch. Everywhere he brought his sketch book, they drew the scenery they saw. If now I like taking pictures of scenery. That’s why bring a camera everywhere.

  1. Chat in tents

The night is a time to rest. However, sometimes we are not sleepy yet. Usually we choose to chat. Anything can be a topic of conversation. Yes that’s how cool camping is. We also had more time to chat than usual. So it can make the ties closer with the family.

Fun Things to Do with Kids while Camping Preparation

Camping is fun. Especially for children. If they are already fussy, their walks will be disturbed. We usually invite the children to have a discussion before going out. Especially if they go to a place they’ve never been to. Like when traveling to Goa. I invited them to googling what kind of cave they were going to visit. What will their caving be like? Apparently, they were enthusiastic.

When they were little, we also had a children’s tent. Invite them to set up tents in the yard, then play pretend they are camping. So if one day they are invited to camp, they already have an idea what it will be like to stay in a tent. Yes, that’s how we introduce fun things to do with kids while camping activities. Now, I don’t need any introduction. They are already happy when they are camping.

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