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Fun Things To Do With Kids That Are Not Boring

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Fun Things To Do With Kids

Playing and having fun with your kids does not have to take them to an expensive recreation area. The house and the surrounding environment can be a cheap, festive, and fun play area. Now, for you who are looking for fun things to do with kids ideas at home, let’s take a look at some interesting ideas that can make your kid’s day more exciting.

Fun Things To Do With Kids Activity

Fun Things to Do With Kids for Less than 3 Years Age Ideas

  1. Cooking

It’s not only girls who can play cooking, boys are also allowed to cook at Mom while you’re in the kitchen. For kids under 3 years of age, you can ask your kids for help while in the kitchen to do easy things. For example, when making cupcakes, let him explore decorating cakes. You can provide refined sugar, chocolate granules, and other cupcake decorations.

When with kids in the kitchen, make sure your kids don’t come near the danger zone. Keep them away from the stove or burning oven. Place utensils such as mixers and other sharp objects where they cannot be reached. Don’t forget to take a photo of it when your kid is seriously working on his ‘project’.

  1. Open Gift

Fun things to do with kids does not require you to buy new toys as the contents of the gift. Just use their rarely used toys. Your kids will usually be more interested in tearing up wrapping paper or opening a cardboard box than in the contents of the gift itself. You can wrap your kid’s toys in gift paper and colorful ribbons. Show and capture the facial expression of your kids when opening the gift. They must be so excited!

  1. Airplane

Have you ever taken your little one on a plane? Or just take them to the airport to take a family who wants to travel? The experience of going to the airport and seeing the plane are certainly fun things to do with kids. How not happy, they can see first the shape of the plane and see it land or take off. If conditions allow, you can take your little one to the airport to get experience. If it is not possible to do so, you can do other alternative activities, such as making an origami airplane. Yes, try goggling simple origami instructions for making a plane. Make it together with your little one, and then fly a paper airplane that has been made in the field near the house or in the yard of the house, shouting with your little one, “Airplanes…!”

  1. Play Dough

In the past, kids liked to play with clay in the yard of the house. However, now the clay has turned into something that is more modern and safer, namely play dough. If you don’t want to be complicated, you can buy it at a kid’s toy store, but if you have a lot of free time, why not make it yourself? You just use the ingredients that are at home.

Play dough can be made from a mixture of flour, salt, water, a little oil, and food coloring. This play dough will be a fun and safe game for your little one. These fun things to do with kids will train your little one’s motor skills. Let them busy grinding and shaping the play dough at will. After finishing playing, you can put the play dough back in a damp place so it doesn’t dry out. Your little one can still use it again at a later time.

Fun Things to Do with Kids for Pre-school Children Ideas

  1. Make Crafts from Objects in Nature

This fun thing to do with kids is really fun. You can take the kids for a short walk around the house, to the field, or the nearest green area. When they goes there, prepare a bag as well as a small bucket for them to hold. Then, you can ask your kids to collect whatever objects they like and put them in a container. They can pick up leaves, tree branches, or small stones. When you get home, prepare the cardboard and glue. Invite them to paste the objects they find. Objects from nature, your little one can create a work of art that is so beautiful. Don’t forget to display your work, moms.

  1. Tinted Shower

Your little one likes to refuse to take a shower? Try using a more exciting way. You can make your little one’s bath time more enjoyable by taking them to the bath in colored water. The trick, use a few drops of food coloring to color the water in the bucket. You can also mix several colors together, for example, mix blue and red to produce purple. Your little one will love to experiment. Don’t worry, giving your little one’s bath water a little food coloring won’t change the color of his skin, really. The color can disappear by itself with soap.

  1. Gardening

For mothers who like gardening, have you ever invited your kids to join you? Now and then, let’s take your little one too! You can prepare garden tools for mini size. Take them to the yard and let them dig the ground, put in the seeds, then close the hole again. If you don’t have a yard at home, you can use a pot as a planting medium. Continue the activity for kid by inviting them to watering the seeds they planted. Your little one will be delighted to see that the seeds they planted can grow into plants after a few days.

Fun Things To Do With Kids

Fun Things to Do with Kids Ideas for Children Already in School

  1. Role Playing

Children who have already in school usually love to play roles or play pretend. Free them to pretend to be anything, for example being a teacher, doctor, astronaut, and others. It’s funny when you see your little one acting like an adult. You might laugh at his behavior.

  1. Little Chef

When your kids in elementary school, you can give your kids the opportunity to prepare meals, you can be the kid’s chef’s assistant. Let them decide what to cook. Just follow the instructions when they ask you to put the vegetables in boiling water, add salt, and serve them on a serving plate. Get ready to be surprised when you taste the finished dishes. Maybe your kid’s cooking is even better than you.

  1. Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunting activities can be fun things to do with kids at home, you know. You only need to do a little preparation, but the kid’s joy can be many times over. Mom and Dad can work together to create a treasure map that contains pictures and instructions. For example instructions such as “look at the sugar cane in the kitchen.” Or make them think deeper about finding the answer by giving them a tough clue, such as “Look for a white grain that tastes sweet.”

If the ability to read is not maximal, you can just write simple words, help them read it, or just use pictures. Then in the sugar container, you can put other clues that will lead your kids to the next clue, for example in the refrigerator or under the mat. Put small gifts in last place, such as candy. What makes you love these fun things to do with kids activity, of course, are not the prizes, but the challenges during their search that make them happy.

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