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Fun Things to Do with Kids in the Summer

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Fun Things to Do with Kids in the Summer

Summer isn’t always fun. Your little one will often feel hot, sticky, and hot. However, summer can also be a fun season to try fun things to do with kids in the summer, you know. During the summer, the hot sun and hot temperatures are certainly the main obstacles for you to do activities, especially sports. However, light exercise should still be done for you and your little one to maintain a healthy body.

13 Fun Things to Do with Kids in the Summer

Here are some ideas for fun things to do with kids in the summer and games that Moms and Dads can do with your little one this summer. Guaranteed to make your little one far from bored!

Fun Things to Do with Kids in the Summer

1. Building a sand castle on the beach with your little one

Plan a family weekend by visiting the beach closest to the location of the house. Inviting your little one to play with sand and build castles can help train his sensory and fine motor skills even more. Not only that, let him build his favorite sand castle. This can also stimulate the creativity of toddlers from childhood, you know.

2. Playing in the Park while Learning About Nature

Nature is always the best friend for your little one. Quoted from the British Journal of Educational Psychology, the researchers said that green space really helps children’s brain development. So, the more often your little one is introduced to nature, gardens and plants, the better their brain development will be during this growth and development period. Usually in the park there are also various children’s games that your little one can try.

3. Play Date with Pool Party Theme

Play date is always the most fun moment for toddlers. Moms and Dads can hold events with a pool party theme that is closely related to summer. If you can do it in your own swimming pool, it is certainly very fun. However, for Moms and Dads who don’t have a pool in the home page, you don’t need to be discouraged. Just prepare a rubber swimming pool for your little one to play water with his friends. Prepare colorful balls and various other rubber toys. Don’t forget to prepare fruits and healthy snacks that can help your little one stay full and hydrated.

4. Cycling in the Afternoon

Take your little one around on a bicycle around the house. Quoted from the BetterHealth Channel, cycling is believed to be able to train your little one’s bones to be stronger. In addition, riding a bicycle can help reduce stress levels, strengthen muscles, and of course it is one of the fun ways to stay healthy. Your little one will be delighted to meet his new friends while he is cycling, both around the house and on the playground.

5. Gardening

You don’t need to provide a large area of ​​land, just gardening in front of the house, Moms and Dads. It is believed that gardening activities of fun things to do with kids in the summer can help children get to know nature early, help children get to know the concept of healthy eating, and also teach about responsibility.

Provide small pots and some plant seeds. Invite your little one to play with the ground by involving himself in the process of planting seeds. Create a joint plan for when to water and when to dry in the sun. It is guaranteed that your little one will not get bored of heating as long as he is gardening with Moms and Dads.

Note for Moms and Dads, before trying the various children’s games above, make sure your little one’s skin is protected with a sunscreen that is safe for children his age. Provide a hat and cute glasses to protect your eyes and head from the hot sun. Also make sure your little one is always hydrated.

6. A walk to the beach

Not always maintaining the body must be with strenuous exercise. Enjoying the sea breeze while taking a leisurely stroll on the beach can be a good activity and of course a fun holiday for you and your baby. Research shows that walking on the beach and enjoying its beauty can calm a person, so that it can reduce stress that may arise in a person.

13 Fun Things to Do with Kids in the Summer

7. Hiking or Mountain Climbing

The dry season is the perfect time for those of you who like hiking or climbing mountains. Especially for those of you who want to conquer the mountain, dry is the right time because of the lack of rainfall so that the view offered at the top of the mountain doesn’t disappoint. Plus, research shows that walking in green areas can make you happier and more considerate.

8. Cycling

A little lighter, try cycling together with your baby. Just cycling in the afternoon, of course, doesn’t take up your time. Cycling has health benefits that are good for physical and mental development. In addition, the risks that may be caused are also very minimal.

9. Swimming

Fun things to do with kids in the summer of course the inevitable activity is swimming. Submerging the whole body in the water when it is hot, is certainly a wish for everyone in the dry season. In addition, swimming is also a sport that is healthy for the heart and can lift your child’s body. For parents, swimming can also relieve arthritis and reduce the risk of developing diabetes.

Another thing that can be done with children during the summer at home

10. Making Favorite Cake

If you don’t want to play outside, calm down there are still home activities you can try. Let’s invite your children to make cakes together. Besides being fun, this activity can train your cohesiveness with your baby. What are you waiting for, prepare the ingredients immediately, ma’am. Dirty face and hands from flour and cream will make it more exciting.

11. Drawing

Drawing is one of the positive activities that can increase children’s creativity. Prepare a plain white cloth that is spread out on the floor and free the baby’s expression. Also prepare complete dyes and don’t forget to protect your little one’s clothes with an apron so that the dye doesn’t stain the clothes.

12. Karaoke

Singing will bring joy to your family. Invite children and other family members to sing together. Besides being fun, this activity can also train children’s self-confidence to appear in public.

13. Relax in the hammock

The last ideas of fun things to do with kids in the summer is relax in the hammock. In summer, isn’t the sky view much more beautiful than usual in the afternoon, Mom? Inviting the baby to relax under the tree while sleeping in a hammock, must be very fun. Enjoying the evening together and seeing the change from light to dark is certainly very exciting. Don’t forget to bring a fairy tale book so that your baby doesn’t get bored.

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