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Fun Things to Do with Kids During Lockdown Period

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Fun Things to Do with Kids During Lockdown Period

The ferocity of the corona virus has made the government also continue to appeal to the public to stay at home if there is no urgent need. Your kids who usually play at school with their friends will spend time all day at home. How do you make fun things to do with kids during lockdown at home? Don’t let your kids get bored; listen to ideas for interesting activities during the lockdown period.

Fun Things to Do with Kids During Lockdown

Fun Things to Do with Kids During Lockdown at Home

The outbreak of the corona virus in the world allows the government to adopt a lockdown policy. Lockdown is carried out so that the spread of the virus does not become more widespread and take many lives. During lockdown, parents as much as possible create a comfortable atmosphere so that your little one doesn’t feel bored. This can be done by doing various fun things to do with kids during lockdown activities that your little one likes. In addition to making your little one comfortable even though they have to study and stay quiet at home, doing interesting activities with them can also increase bonding with your little one and increase their motor skills. What are some fun activities that your little one can do at home?

  1. Role Playing with Your Kids

Role playing is not a new activity; you and your kids usually do it often, especially if you often read fairy tales to your little one. Playing role can hone your little one’s creativity. You and your kids can play the roles of doctor and patient, teacher and student, and so on. Playing roles can make you get to know your little one more deeply, for example, the kids who play himself as a doctor and you as a patient. You will find out about your little one’s insight into the doctor’s duties and doctor’s handlers to patients. If necessary, equip your kids with doctor toys to make it feel real. Using supportive properties will make the playing atmosphere even more exciting and fun.

  1. Cooking Together

Playing cooking is one of the games favored by kids, both boys and girls. If the kid’s age is able to work in a real kitchen, try cooking with the kids. You can invite them to decorate dough pizza, make various forms of bread, and decorate cookies and so on. If you are not an expert in the field of bakery, you can try switching to other foods, for example making spaghetti. Prepare toppings such as sliced ​​boiled sausage, sliced ​​boiled mushrooms, shredded or sliced ​​chicken, and grated cheese.

Don’t forget that the spaghetti sauce is also prepared in a small container. Let your little one decorate the spaghetti topping with the various toppings that they like. It seems more complicated than you who prepared everything by themself. You can also imagine a table that must have been messier with dripping sauce, sausage slices, chicken and cheese. However, you will witness Little One’s preoccupation with their homemade spaghetti.

  1. Painting with your kids

Mixing colors and applying them to paper is a fun things to do with kids during lockdown at home. If your little one has entered the elementary school level, you can also teach your little one about primary, secondary, and tertiary colors. Provide only three primary colors, blue, red and yellow. Mixing two different colors to create a new color is a magical thing that attracts children. Let your little one draw the object they likes. After finishing the drawing and coloring, you can display Little One’s work on the wall of their room. This will make your little one feel appreciated, you know. Come on, try it!

Fun Things to Do with Kids During Lockdown Period

  1. Clean the house

So far, mothers are synonymous with cleaning the house. But now, with complete family members at home, mothers can involve all family members to help. Besides being able to increase the sense of belonging and reduce dependence on household assistants, cleaning the house at this moment can also prevent the spread of the Corona Virus. Use a disinfectant on the objects that have the most germs. Make this a routine activity, list the rooms that need cleaning, and make a schedule together.

  1. Sorting trash

With increasing use of the kitchen when you are at home, so does the volume of waste in your home. If the garbage man is still operating today, you’re in luck. What if one day the garbage officers have to quarantine themselves? Sorting organic and inorganic waste can be a solution. Provide 3 bins, for clean dry trash, dirty inorganic waste, and food scraps (organic). Invite all family members to dispose of trash according to their category. Make a composter to accommodate organic waste which, with minimal processing every day, can become compost.

  1. Reading book

However, being busy is sometimes an excuse to accompany kids to play. Now, you can have time to read a book. The advances of technology makes books have many additional features, such as books that can be felt, can read, books with stickers, or books that have many windows. You can also introduce teenagers to readings that you think suit their interests.

Whatever activities of fun things to do with kids during lockdown period, accompany your kids without gadget distraction. Later there will be times when your kids want some playtime on their own that you can use to get back to work. When boredom hits, let the kids feel it and find a way out on their own. Don’t forget, discuss with the kids what they want to do while at home. Don’t forget, wash your hands after every activity and pay attention to body hygiene at all times. Enjoy some quality time together!

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