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Awesome Destinations for Solo Female Travelers

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When I see lists such as these I often simply see suggestions for places ladies should travel to solo based upon just one point: safety. While criminal offense statistics deserve keeping in mind, they’re not the specifying factor for a great place for ladies to travel alone. The best locations aren’t simply the popular and well-trodden ones, either. Some of the best places to travel to on your own might remain in the places you the very least expected, or didn’t also know existed yet.

The best places will be where residents are especially pleasant and inviting, or it is social because of a common rate of passion such as browsing or diving, and although it may be off the beaten track a little bit, it is not so remote that you will be the just one there. It still has that unique appeal that makes it feel genuine and welcoming.

Sounds amazing, right? So where can you find these places? I’ve searched low and high, and these are some of my favorite locations for solo female travel – they might surprise you:

Lombok, Indonesia
Many individuals, myself consisted of, are put off by Bali’s over-tourism, where there is constantly bad traffic, coastlines littered with garbage, and lengthy waits for pictures at popular Instagram spots. So where can one enter Indonesia where there are spectacular falls, nice coastlines, and a social yet laidback atmosphere, such as Bali in the past have? The answer is Lombok. Not just is Lombok overall a fantastic alternative to Bali, but also less expensive. As a solo tourist, I find it easier to interact socially and get in touch with various other solo travelers in Lombok, as individuals have the tendency to socialize at the same spot, such as Kuta, or most likely to the same coastlines.

Siargao, The Philippines
Siargao Island is a water-lover and basic adventurer’s dream. You can take place a bit of solo motorcycle experience, as the roadways are mainly level and easy. It’s also a surfer’s heaven with a lively spirit to it, so if you’re a browsing lover, or have been thinking of picking it up, Siargao is perfect. The island’s appeal is expanding quickly, but the atmosphere remains laidback and relaxing. This means that it is equally as easy to satisfy others as to be on your own. I could socialize with surfers on the coastline, speak with other individuals in dining establishments and coffee shops, and retreat to my little corner in a lovable guesthouse every evening. It is perfect!

A couple of places on the planet offer its site visitors the opportunity to share such shut distance to unique birds, reptiles, and sea critters without them turning fearful, and since most individuals come to the Galápagos for the pets, meeting individuals of the same rate of passion becomes very easy. Whether on an island cruise or a dive journey, you’re bound to satisfy similar individuals and have an incredible time with each other! Before my visit, I constantly thought the Galápagos was effectively off-limits to budget backpackers, but I could not be more incorrect, as you can do the Galápagos on a budget plan!

Tofo, Mozambique
I love Tofo, Mozambique because of the kind of daring and fascinating individuals it draws in. It looks like most travelers in Mozambique have an awesome tale, and have arrived by word-of-mouth. There are just a pair of backpackers accommodations there (I remained at Fatima’s), and diving dive stores, but both are excellent places to satisfy various other solo travelers.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland is placed the #1 best nation on the planet by Vision of Humankind, and I can attest, individuals left their cars operating while they went grocery store shopping! That is how certain they are that no one will steal their car. Iceland’s landscape is so unique and spectacular, plus it is great for a journey. Reykjavik has social hostels as well, where you can find experience companions. This guide has everything you need to know about Iceland.
10. Torres del Paine Nationwide Park, Chile
best locations to travel solo
Perfect for times when you do not want to hike solo, but you are solo.

Also if you begin alone in the 5-day W or the 8-day O Circuit trek in Torres del Paine Nationwide Park, you will come from it with a lot of new friends. For the same factors that I loved the Annapurna Circuit, I love the social atmosphere among campers and walkers on this trek, especially on the back, ‘O’, a component of the path where fewer walkers go and the groups are more intimate. Refugio Dickson, particularly, was lots of enjoyable many thanks to the social rangers that played songs and organized football video games.

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