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Anxious singles are renting partners for Chinese New Year

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Chinese New Year is time with family. As with other similar family gatherings, there are nagging questions for single people. Boyfriend rental business also appeared. Chinese New Year is called a moment that can be very hard for singles to live, especially for women. This kind of family gathering can indeed be a place for interrogation for single people.

As CNN.com mentioned, this has led to an alternative solution: boyfriend rental. It said that in China, a number of websites already offer fake boyfriends to prevent interrogations from relatives during Chinese New Year.

“Some packages offer a ‘one-time free hug, holding hands and a kiss on the cheek at the end of the event’,” said CNN.com, which also cited variations in rates for specific additional services.

The article originally covered a man who advertised himself to be a rental boyfriend for the Chinese New Year. He even has a promotion criterion to be a dream husband. But it later turned out that this man was just joking, assuming that he was doing it to make fun of the girlfriend rental habit that had developed recently.

In general, self-promotions on social media to become rental girlfriends during Chinese New Year do appear a lot. But because this one appears on social media, different from CNN.com’s exposure to similar things on the website so that it indicates more “intention”, it is difficult to know for sure whether the promotion is serious or a joke. Interestingly, those who advertise themselves are not only men, because women also exist.

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