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9 Kids Things to Do At Home Activities

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what kids things to do at home

What kids things to do at home? Kids who have not yet entered school age certainly have a lot of activities at home. Occasionally on weekends, parents often take their children to the playground so they don’t get bored. Then, during the period of self-isolation due to Covid-19, what activities do children have at home that can make them active and happy?

kids things to do at home

It is the duty of parents to keep them active by playing while learning, especially during times of physical distancing. In the midst of the work that must be done during WFH, parents are often confused about keeping their children active and not fussy. Including you too? I have some interesting inspirational kids things to do at home, here!

Examples of Simple Kids Things to do at Home

No need to buy them expensive items to train their intelligence and basic skills. Using toys and simple tools they can have fun playing and learning. Let’s take a look at the full review below!

  1. Bathing Ball in the Pool

You can present the ball baths that are usually in game rides at home. Of course not in a big size huh! It is enough to provide a rubber pool, bucket, or an area large enough for your kids to play. Don’t forget to buy plenty of plastic balls. Pour into a rubber pool and let the kids play calmly in it.

You can use colorful balls as a medium to teach children color names. On the other hand, kids who are in the ball pool will actively play and hone their dexterity. You can invite them to play this ball pool both indoors and out. If the weather is favorable, invite the children to play outside and add water in the pool so that they can be even happier.

  1. Kid’s Activities at Home that Can Train Physically

Then make it a habit for the kids to participate in sports with you. Walk in the yard, zumba through videos on YouTube, and they can do yoga.

  1. Playing Block Stacking

Another idea of kids things to do at home that is no less simple but useful is playing with stacking blocks. You can provide stacking blocks made of wood or plastic such as Atco, Lego, and others. Block games like this can hone your kid’s creativity, you know! Playing with blocks is a constructive game that relies on kid’s knowledge. They can build houses, towers, bridges, and even cars. The benefits of playing stacking blocks at home include:

  • Developing the imagination they has;
  • Practice maintaining patience;
  • Develops self-confidence;
  • Can learn about the concept of shape, size, balance, and color.

what kids things to do at home

  1. Kid’s Activities at Home that Can Train Sensory

From an early age, children’s language, motor, sensory and social skills need to be honed from an early age. Many kids things to do at home activities will be honing these skills. Let’s discuss one of them, namely, honing kid’s sensory abilities. A simple game using paint and bubble wrap is one that can be done. You only need to prepare the two materials plus a large paper as the drawing media. The way to play is as follows:

  • Cut the bubble wrap and wrap it around the kid’s legs until they are completely covered;
  • Pour paint or food coloring into a large container;
  • Your child can put their feet in the dye;
  • Let the kids walk on the large paper that has been spread out.
  • The bubbles from bubble wrap can stimulate a child’s sensory in a fun way.

When the bubble bursts, the child will feel a different sensation. Moreover, attractive paint colors can make kids more interested in doing it.

  1. Participate in planting seeds in the backyard

Gardening activities that you usually do can be passed on to kids from an early age. Besides introducing them to various types of plants, doing activities in the garden can be refreshing. Don’t forget to equip them with hats so they don’t get too hot! Some of the activities that kids can do in the garden are helping you mix the soil, sow the seeds, and water the plants. Give them assignments and entrust the kids to do it themselves. From this activity, kids can also understand order in their work. Don’t be afraid to get dirty!

  1. Invite Kids to Prepare Food or Dessert

If you pay attention, kids are love or curious when their father or mother cooks. That was a sign that they wanted to get to know the activity more deeply. Are you afraid to endanger kids? If so, try to find simple dishes or desserts with simple ingredients. One of them, for example, encourages kids to drink coffee. Meanwhile for kids, make a non-caffeine version of green tea powder and milk. They must be happy and addicted!

  1. Kid’s activities on the front yard

Keeping kids from danger is a must for parents, but on the other hand, many kids tend to be prohibited from leaving the house or playing freely. As long as the timing is right and supervised, allow the kids things to do at home activities in outside and meet with peers. This can hone their social skills, including communicating with friends and learning to yield to several things.

Let them run, roll on the grass, play in the rain, and other fun activities. Playing bicycle, ball, hide and seek, or other traditional games will certainly leave beautiful memories in their minds. Of course, also adjust the type of play and playtime of kids according to their age!

  1. Decorate the Wall

The next good educational activity to support kid’s development is to let kids decorate the walls of your house, especially the walls of their rooms. We can prepare some necessities for decoration such as paper, colored pencils or crayons, and other decorations. Let the kids be creative with their own ideas, and we just need to supervise and provide assistance when the kids ask for our help.

  1. Singing

Singing activities can also develop kid’s ability to remember and follow rhythms. Parents can invite the kids to sing educational songs such as songs about the alphabet, numbers, or animal names. Singing can be done when the kid is playing with toys or when the kid is taking a shower. Besides being able to improve the kid’s ability to remember, the rhythm of the song can also make the kid’s mood happier. Parents, those are variety of kids things to do at home activities that are simple but fun. Hopefully the reviews above are helpful!

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