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8 Fun Things to Do with Kids in Lockdown

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8 Fun Things to Do with Kids in Lockdown

In an effort to cut the cycle of the spread of corona virus infection, the government issued a policy to stop learning activities in schools for 14 days. In order not to get bored, here are some fun things to do with kids in lockdown activities at home that you can implement for the next few days. Parents start working at home, while your little one also doesn’t go to school for the sake of social distancing and preventing the spread of the corona virus? It is important to understand that the corona virus or Covid-19 spreads through droplets. This means that the virus can be transmitted through saliva splashes, or by touching objects that have been exposed to the sufferer’s saliva.

Fun Things to Do with Kids in Lockdown

Therefore, one of the efforts to avoid exposure to Covid-19 is to stay away from activities that involve social interaction with many people. So that you don’t get bored while staying at home, your little one of course needs to do routine activities every day. That is, even though the child’s school is closed, it does not mean that he can get up at noon or that his break time is not scheduled. Establishing a daily routine such as when to wake up, shower, eat and rest is considered very important. In addition to training children to be disciplined, routine also plays an important role so that children don’t get bored quickly in carrying out their daily activities at home.

Parents can also practice their children’s habits and creativity using a system of short lessons family community and home school practitioners. Through this short lesson method, children are given time to focus on learning for 1 hour each day. The duration of focus on learning can also be increased according to the child’s age. After focusing on learning, free the child to do the activities they wants. This is done to hone their creativity and realize the various ideas that are in their heads. Not only that, you can schedule some fun things to do with kids in lockdown.

Fun Things to Do with Kids in Lockdown Ideas Can Be Done

So, that activities carried out with children are not monotonous, here are various references to fun things to do with kids in lockdown that can be done at home, namely:

Interactive learning through devices

While at home, you can invite children to focus on interactive learning through devices. There are many applications that provide materials for studying Mathematics, Languages, and other subjects that you can download. Don’t forget to stay with your children while studying, yes, Parents. If you find it difficult, there’s nothing wrong with parents asking for help from your child’s teacher at school. Ask about appropriate and effective learning methods for children that you can imitate and apply during your home study period.

Involve the child in homework

Homework such as cooking, sweeping the house, washing dishes, and so on can be an alternative to children’s activities at home. Besides children can learn new things, domestic work can also practice good habits for children. By getting children to do domestic work, they can indirectly be more responsible for personal hygiene and their environment. Of course, domestic work that is carried out must also be adjusted to the age of the child, yes, Parents. Do not force your child to do domestic work, which can lead to injury or over exhaustion.

8 Fun Things to Do with Kids in Lockdown

Making work

To increase your little one’s creativity, Parents can also invite children to make works such as drawing, baking cakes, to making toys such as hand crafting. Teach him to make different works every day so that he doesn’t get bored quickly.

Doing science experiments

One of the activities that is no less exciting, how about getting your kids to do science experiments? This fun things to do with kids in lockdown can not only play, but also learn in a fun way. Many experiments do not require any chemicals, for example making rockets from used bottles and soft drinks or finding various other references on the internet. For example, teaching children light refraction. The method is easy, only requires clear glass, clear water and a pencil. The method is to fill the clear glass with clear water up to 2/3, then put the pencil into the glass that already contains water, then ask the child to observe from the side. Here the child can see that the pencil has become bent.

Get regular exercise

Staying at home so as not to be exposed to Covid-19 does not mean that you and your little one are lazing around and not exercising. Doing regular exercise can actually help increase endurance so that it is not easily exposed to viruses and diseases. Encourage children to do fun routine sports such as gymnastics, dancing, or even cycling in the neighborhood. Parents can also occasionally invite children to jog outside the home. So that children don’t feel bored and exposed to vitamin D from sunlight which is good for their health.


Parents can take advantage of this holiday time to instill the habit of reading in your little one. Besides filling spare time, reading can also be a way to reduce screen time for your little one. Give him books according to age and it doesn’t hurt to accompany your little one while reading.

Storytelling and making shows

In order to increase their creativity and linguistic abilities, you can read fairy tales to children directly. Not only that, don’t forget to invite children to express themselves by asking them to retell stories. Which you have read in the style of your little one. Invite your little one to make shows such as theater, dance, sing at home so that he doesn’t feel bored.

Make a hammock to relax in

The last ideas of fun things to do with kids in lockdown is make a hammock to relax in. Make your relaxing moments at home even more enjoyable, make a hammock that hangs on a tree. Let the kids spend their time relaxing on the hammock while enjoying the fresh air. Everything will be safe as long as the kids does not come out of the yard.

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