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14 Fun Things to Do with Kids on a Rainy Day

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14 Fun Things to Do with Kids on a Rainy Day

When the rainy season comes, parents try to find fun things to do with kids on a rainy day. However, all of that can be prevented by preventive prevention. What if our child is the type of child who likes to play outside? Of course it will require us to further rack our brains and learn how to keep children playing at home without worrying about boredom. Moreover, my child is now 11 months old and active, so every day they are required to create fun games.

14 Fun Things to Do with Kids on a Rainy Day

14 Fun Things to Do with Kids on a Rainy Day at Home

This time I will share tips on fun things to do with kids on a rainy day so your kids don’t feel bored. Well, usually when it’s raining outside, what is done to get rid of boredom. Actually, there are several ideas for activities or games that can be done on a rainy day, so the kids don’t go out of style. This article will share 10 activities that we can do with your little one at home, so you don’t need to get wet or get stuck in traffic outside the house.

  1. Play house

Since we don’t have a children’s tent yet, we take advantage of the under table that combines and serves a blanket on it to make a tent. Children feel happy to feel the new sensation of playing in the tent made by their father and mother. In addition, fathers can play peekaboo games by hiding outside the tent or with the addition of other games.

  1. Playing in a pile of clothes

Put your child to sleep on a pile of clothes (the clothes must be clean, Moms, I usually do this game before ironing) then let him feel soft, texture and fragrant. By holding certain types of clothing, the sensors will be trained.

  1. Cart with cardboard

Hazal loved being asked to sit on a box and then here and there. This game is great for training children to learn to maintain the body. Of course, still be careful, Moms when pushing it.

  1. Sticking the sticker

Prepare a variety of character stickers that give your child, then invite him to paste the sticker. Can be on the wall (as long as the sticker is easily removed so as not to damage the wall) or on other media such as books, cardboard, etc.

Fun Things to Do with Kids on a Rainy Day

  1. Playing Soap Bubbles while Bathing

Playing soap bragging while bathing is the fun things to do with kids on a rainy day. In addition to making your little one’s bath time fun, is also good for building closeness between children and parents.

  1. Tear off the newspaper stuck to the wall

I used old newspaper and taped it to the wall using clear duct tape on each edge. Then teach the child to tear the paper from top to bottom. Children will be trained in motor and sensory skills and also be happy with the distinctive sound of tearing paper.

  1. Put and take out the toys in the box

Usually I ask Hazal to pick up the toys in the box one by one by giving examples first. Vice versa, when the child puts the toy back in the box. This game keeps children busy and their concentration and fine motor skills. Don’t forget to always appreciate every child’s efforts by giving good compliments.

  1. Watch Family Movies

When it rains from evening to night, it would be nice to be able to watch movies with your family. You can turn your family room into a private ‘cinema’. Choose a film that the whole family will enjoy and enjoy showing it.

  1. Fun Blanket Fortress

On rainy days, we can also make a fort from blankets and pillows. Come on, let’s help your little one build their super fort in the family room. Children can be busy all day long with fun activities. They are also calm in their new imaginary castle.

  1. Board Games

Do you have any monopoly toys or other board games? During the rainy season, these toys can be removed if they have been stored here for a long time. Yes, board games are one of the best ways to spend a relaxing day at home.

  1. Make a Rain Stick

Kids can create fun crafts at home serving the rain outside. Here’s one idea. First, let’s collect the used toilet paper rolls first. Also provide crayons, foil, tape, rice, and a long pipe cleaner. Come on, ask your little one to color and decorate the used toilet paper rolls. Next, glue the foil to one end with tape. The pipe cleaner rolls like a spring and fits into the toilet paper roll. Next is the rice habit. Secure the end of the tube with foil and tape. The rain wand is now ready to make relaxing rain sounds!

  1. Get creative in the kitchen

Come on, let’s ask the kids if it’s raining like this what food is delicious. If it’s easy enough to implement with the ingredients in the refrigerator, let’s just execute it. Children not only feel important and useful when involved in cooking activities, they will also be proud of their delicious food. Plus, we can sit back and enjoy the results of our collaboration with your little one.

  1. Read a Book

Reading book is an educational and fun things to do with kids on a rainy day indoor activity. Read a book with children will improve reading skills and build enthusiasm for books. Reading together while holding a blanket with the children is sure to be fun. We can take turns reading, but if your little one can’t read yet, we can read it enthusiastically, then we can ask the little one to pretend to read the book to us. From there, children can learn to focus more.

  1. Play Charades

The last tips for fun things to do with kids on a rainy day is playing Charades. Charades is a family game that is suitable on rainy days. To start with, Mum and the kids formed two teams and moved to separate rooms. Each team must fulfill words, names, places, books, films, and so on on a sheet of paper, then exchange them with other teams. Teams take turns choosing a piece of paper and secretly acting out what’s on the paper. Each time it’s a turn, use the stopwatch to check the time. The team with the shortest time in total is the winner. These games can help expand children’s vocabulary and knowledge.

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