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12 Fun Things to Do with Kids at Home Activities

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Fun Things to Do with Kids at Hom

Who says an exciting vacation can only be realized by traveling abroad? You can provide unforgettable exciting holidays, even if it’s just a vacation at home! How do you do that? Let’s take part in 12 exciting fun things to do with kids at home activities. Not only fun, these 12 activities also make your relationship with your kids closer.

Fun Things to Do with Kids at Home Ideas

12 Exciting Fun Things to Do with Kids at Home Activities

  1. Cake Decorating Competition

Decorating cakes can be a way to get rid of boredom. You can make cupcakes or other small cakes and have a cake decorating competition. Provide icing or whipped cream and garnish in the form of chocochips, various colored sweets, or also sprinkles as toppings. You can also invite all family members or friends of your little one to take part in this competition. Besides being able to win prizes, joy is also awakened while enjoying the cakes created by the competition.

  1. Movie Marathon

When it’s raining outside, you can invite your little one to watch a movie together. The film genre is of course adjusted to the age of the kids and has an educational side. However, there are fun things to do with kids at home ways to not just watch it. You can prepare a table that is used as a counter and direct the kids to become a ticket seller. Also provide popcorn and other snacks to accompany you while watching. So, before sitting on the sofa, you and other family members can make a ticket and snack purchase transaction with your little one. You can imagine seeing children become our servants and being satisfied with what they do.

  1. Hunting for insects

If your house has a garden or is close to a garden, invite your little one to hunt for insects. This can increase children’s imagination and creativity. Besides that, it is also able to bring out their adventurous spirit and independence. All that needs to be prepared is a net and a small bottle to store the insects that are caught. These insects can be stored and used as learning material for your little one to increase their knowledge. You can release it into the wild after two days in the bottle.

  1. Fashion Show

Kids, especially women, already understand what it means to be beautiful. They even find out what make up is and try different products on their face. Girls also usually have the ability to choose which clothes make them look beautiful even at home. Then, you can make a catwalk stage for kids to do a fashion show. Let them experiment in determining the clothes to the accessories they want to wear. For grooming, you can help them not to apply excessively. Then, prepare various colorful lights that are placed on the floor and play fast tempo music to add to the lively appearance of your little one.

  1. Play House Building

Even though it’s only in the house, you can invite your little one to build houses or tents from simple materials. Can be with bed sheets that are placed under the arrangement of the benches. You can also sew any cloth that looks like a house shape, then place it as a cover for the dining table. Your little one can play in it like a house or tent.

  1. Making Crafts

Other activities for fun things to do with kids at home can also be done by making a craft. You can invite your little one to make something from simple things. Like making a pencil case made of ice cream sticks. Prepare the color paint then apply it to the ice cream sticks that have been provided. Then paste the ice cream sticks according to the desired pattern according to your little one’s request. Not only increases creativity, it also makes children understand more about the shape of 3D objects.

Fun Things to Do with Kids at Hom

  1. Farming

Teaching your kids about farming can also be done as a filler in vacation time. In addition to easy-to-find seeds, how to plant and care for them is not too difficult. The pot that is used can also use any objects such as used tires or buckets that are not used. If possible, teach your kids to grow various plants from flowers or herbs that are easy to remember for childhood.

  1. Making a Show

Tired of just watching movies? How come it can be replaced by making your own show at home. There are many things that can be created such as a drama performance, singing, dancing, or a simple magic performance. Staging can be done over a small dinner or in the yard by inviting other friends and family.

  1. Science Experiments

Science Experiments is a very fun learning game that every kids will love. They can see how the world works much more happily when they are able to create something alone. Many experiments do not require any chemicals, such as making rockets from used bottles and coke or you can find other resources online.

  1. Build Lego

One of the games, Lego has become a favorite of both boys and girls. There are many things that can be made using Lego, from human-like shapes to toy cars. The arrangement is also free according to the imagination and creativity that made it. To make it less boring, create a competition to make Lego by imitating a predetermined model. The winner can be obtained from the form most similar to the original. So anyone can play and win prizes such as favorite snacks.

  1. Playing Color Powder

You can provide the color powder commonly used at the Holi festival in India. The trick is to simply invite family members to the yard, then play happy music and throw colored powder into the air. Another option is to hold a color run, where the participants are your kids and other families. Each participant wears a plain white t-shirt uniform, then starts running in a park or a quiet street. Then prepare a gun with water that has been mixed with colored powder and fire it at the participants while running. This activity is certainly very fun for all family members who participate.

  1. Wet slide

The last ideas for fun things to do with kids at home is play wet slide. You can make a slide or slip n ‘slide yourself. Take a large black plastic cloth, then add water and soap to make it slippery when passed. Get close to the portable pool and the slide is ready to play. The hot weather did not beat the joy of the little one and all those who played with them in the yard of your house.

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