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11 Fun Things to Do with Kids Indoors

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Fun Things to Do with Kids Indoors

The Corona virus pandemic that is currently happening has made people required to stay at home and not do activities in outside. This also affects kids who are still in school and working parents. Schools apply an online learning system (both e-learning and via video conferencing). Parents also have to think hard to find fun things to do with kids indoors for their children so they don’t get bored while at home. Of course, this is also a positive thing between parents and children because they can have quality time at home.

Fun Things to Do with Kids Indoors

The Covid-19 pandemic that is currently occurring requires people to stay at home and not do outside activities. This also affects adolescents who are still in school and working parents. The school applies an online learning system (both e-learning and via video conferencing). Changing children’s routines, of course, also changes their daily schedule. If they usually meet a lot of people or go to a number of places as a daily agenda, it seems that it can’t be done for the present time.

11 Fun Things to Do with Kids Indoors Activities

As a result, most teenagers only spend time playing online games and gadgets. As parents, we need to rack our brains to find ideas for fun things to do with kids indoors, so that the quarantine period at home becomes fun, more productive, and far from boring for them. The following Dream summarizes some of the fun activities that can be done with your teenagers to get rid of boredom and boredom while undergoing quarantine at home.

  1. Redesigning Rooms

Usually, teenagers spend a lot of time in their room. This long quarantine period can be the right momentum to start tidying or redecorating. For example, by changing the redesign of the room so as to produce a new atmosphere. The activity of designing a bedroom is believed to be able to bring happiness to its owner.

  1. Watching Movies Together

Fun things to do with kids indoors activities that our teenagers love is watching movies. Parents can invite their children to watch shows together, this time let us watch their favorite movies. Invite them to choose the film to be played, if we let them choose what to play, surely the children will be more enthusiastic about watching.

  1. Get creative with cuisine

This is a great opportunity for teens to learn to explore what can be done in the kitchen. Cooking can be a choice of fun activities for children. Parents just supervise it. Teenagers can view easy recipes on the app or YouTube. Dinner dishes, cakes, and pudding can be an option. So, to be more fun and excited, you can also involve children in processing their favorite dishes.

  1. Doing New Things

In normal times, children study at school with their teachers and friends. As parents, we can take advantage of this moment to get closer to our children. We can invite children to experiment new things that come from parents’ ideas that children have never done in school. Doing new things can increase your child’s passion and keep him thinking about doing this.

  1. Invite Sports Together

Staying at home so as not to be exposed to Covid-19 does not mean that parents and teenagers cannot exercise. Doing regular exercise can actually help increase endurance so that it is not easily exposed to viruses and diseases. Sports are not only done in a fitness studio or open space. You can exercise at home without the need for a large room or special equipment. Yoga and jumping rope can be an option. Parents and children can practice various kinds of movements such as push ups, sit ups, squats, and planks at home.

  1. Learn a New Language

When schools are closed like this, parents have an important role to play so that their children are willing and able to study at home. So, for this one activity, it is only how the parents guide them. Learning a new language can be a fun activity. Especially in this day and age, there are various fun ways to learn. For example, by watching films or videos in foreign languages.

  1. Practicing Musical Instruments At Home

If you have instruments or musical instruments at home, this is the right time to teach your teenager. At first, let the children play music as they please, but still give the right direction. We can find references on YouTube to teach children to play music.

  1. Reading book

While at home, parents can have quality time with their kids through reading books together. Choose the child’s favorite story book, and read it with him. This will train the child’s imagination and have an impact on emotional, social and interest in reading. Of course this will improve the quality of the relationships that exist between parents and children.

11 Fun Things to Do with Kids Indoors

  1. Picnic in the yard

Being confined in the house, not allowed to interact with outsiders, and having to stop all activities are changes that can make children feel shocked and quickly get bored. If allowed to continue, children can feel stressed. Invite him to enjoy the outside for a moment by inviting him to a picnic in the yard. Make this picnic like a real picnic, where you and your family pack tents and various kinds of equipment. Set a rule that no one should enter the house. So make sure all the necessities are available. Fill it with typical picnic activities such as playing cards, singing while accompanied by a guitar, and ending with sleeping in a tent. This activity of fun things to do with kids indoors is ideal to do on weekends when children and parents are not burdened by work obligations and school assignments.

  1. Drawing of a family tree

Do this activity seriously, then post the results on the wall as a display at home. You can use canvas or wood media. That’s why let him be creative as he pleases. Build a family tree of grandparents, fathers, mothers, herself, and siblings. You can use illustrations of the faces of each family member and their names. Decorate it as well as possible and use it as a display for the walls of the house.

  1. Dress modification

The last is to modify the clothes to make it look more fun. For example, by sewing various image motifs onto plain jeans. If you’ve ever watched the movie Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, you know their jeans are colorful and memorable. Make something like this also for you and your child. Those are various kinds of activities that can be done with children to fill quarantine time at home. If you have other ideas of fun things to do with kids indoors, you can also do it together with your little one.

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